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Ashley Godkin
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I became a registered massage therapist after I experienced the benefits of regular to my mental and physical health. My massage training became a stepping stone the lead me to Reiki Ryoho and later Craniosacral therapy. 

I have 2200 hours of massage training from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy were I specialized in trigger point therapy, and Lensen therapy. Later I became a Reiki Master and took Craniosacral therapy and Somatoemotional release from the Upledger Institute. 

Taking the equine craniosacral course with Upledger Institute left me with a thirst for more knowledge so now I'm currently enrolled in the Canadian Equine Therapy Institute. There we are learning different modalities that helps us look at pain and body dysfunstion as a whole picture. Treating the whole horse. 



After my sessions I felt like a new person. I felt lighter and renewed. My health problems abated and I felt centred. I would recommend Reiki to everyone! Even if your not sure, just give it a try, you have nothing to lose. My only complaint is that I can't go every day. 



Myself and my family have been clients of Ashley's for more than eight years. I have tried many other Massage Therapists and have found Ashley's skill and ever expanding knowledge of the science of muscle pain and the workings of the human body to be unparalleled. She constantly seeks out new modalities to incorporate into her traditional therapies ensuring individualized treatment and long-term benefit for her clients. Ashley takes the initiative to carefully assess my current needs and provide specified treatment and recommendations to prevent further issues. I have experienced improved mobility and a measurable decrease in chronic pain making life more enjoyable. She is very friendly and professional with strong values and a focus on overall wellbeing. These combined qualities make it easy to recommend Ashley to my family, friends, and colleagues.  

- LaurienM.

Ashley has been working with my 17 year old husky/border collie for 5 months. We have been working on her mobility, arthritis, and pain management. Every time Ashley comes to my door Keesha enthusiastically wags her tail in anticipation of the treatment. After the treatment she is more mobile and in less pain. I would highly recommend Ashley's treatment to any four legged fur baby you might have. Michelle Andruishak

- Michelle Andruishak


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